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Art Direction . Rebranding / Logo Design Info-graphic Design . UI . UX 

Auxillium is a product of vast evolution from it's initial brand which was originally slated to be BOSS (Business Optimization Support Services). This was a branch off of a corporate parent company PRG which played in the construction sector while Auxillium (Formerly BOSS) focuses on Telecom, WISP and Start Up Tech Support. Everyone came to the consensus that BOSS came across as a little bit odasious, so we pivoted. After holding several brainstorming sessions we decided to go with "Auxillium" meaning to help or aid in latin which also had a very progressive, tech-driven ring to it. 

While typically I am accustomed to providing 3 directions for a logo design this project went into extra innings with the name change. Here you can see the progression of the brand from one of it's original concepts to newer ones. While the final decision was ultimately one of the original 3, there was much refinement and exploration with things such as typography and color schemes. Power, trust, connection and flow were the primary key words I emphasized throughout this branding project.


The next need from the client was a 4 page piece of collateral that covers the overall business structure of services that Auxillium provides. The piece was meant to illustrate these services in a very clean manner with ample open space contrasted by bright, bold infographic elements that touched on impactful metrics and operational procedures. 

This was the first instance of the implementing various graphic elements that would become the supplemental face of the brand. Elements such as the faint "digital mesh" patterns integrated in the light background with open space and the bold red gradient. 


The last installment of the original scope of work was the website. We had a very short turnaround time to complete this phase from design to development however, since the look and feel of the UI had been established already from the collateral it came together quite seamlessly. Again, carrying over those supplemental brand visuals was key along with working closely with the client on language and tone through the chosen imagery. Disclaimer... much of the imagery and UI elements on the live site have been altered by the client over the years. Part of the game I suppose.

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