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Art Direction . Branding / Logo Design . UI . UX 

This was an interesting one... Bait and Switch is a community for aspiring comedians to upload videos of themselves conducting pranks, and other quirks in order to gain notoriety online and traction in their careers. I wanted the brand to capture the informal, eccentric essence of the 'project' through the brand's aesthetics. The first avenue in achieving this was of course designing this simple yet bold letter-mark logo which also conveys the "switch" element through the shifting, offset typography.



Once the initial branding was established, the next phase of the campaign was to flush out the framework of what would ultimately be a rather intricate website. The site consisted of 9 primary pages (initially). I began storyboarding the wireframes with the intent of optimizing the user experience and making it as seamless as possible to create a profile, follow the guidelines to make a video, and finally upload the video. On top of this the site needed to be able to showcase an ever expanding and changing library of video content and users. 


Once the framework was built out it was time for the fun part. I spent a fair amount of time delving into the world of underground comedy clubs and found that the characters that occupied it carried quite a dark, cynical demeanor. I wanted to reflect that with not only the off kilter, eccentric and somewhat bizarre imagery but also with the bold, dark interface. 


From the feedback received in testing we certainly achieved evoking a fair amount of laughs and kept the viewer engaged. It is quite different. It has been a blast seeing this one evolve at the hand of the users! 

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