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Art Direction . Branding / Logo Design . UI . UX 

The Charles F. Bolden Group is a consortium of speakers, consultants, brilliant minds with areas of focus in space, aerospace, health science and natl. security led by Former NASA Administrator, Charles F. Bolden Jr. Naturally, much of the inspiration behind the brand was inspired by aerodynamics and astronomy. “Gesture drawing” is often meant to replicate implied motion through a very loose, flowing, interpretive drawing style and is the foundational technique used in the execution of this design.



We worked on the website simultaneously with developing the brand which was a bit unconventional, but very fun. Carrying over that sense of exploration we wanted users to feel like they had left and went somewhere else when they were on the site by use of isolated animations, responsive features and visuals that were seemingly floating in space. There was of course a practical objective to the website which was to solicit the services of the members in The Bolden Group while simultaneously educating the viewer about their areas of expertise. The ultimate goal was  to initiate the process of booking the “Agents” for things like public speaking, private consulting and the like. 


Here are two of the "prototype concepts" for the home page feature slideshow. While the orientation and layout are essentially the same I had way too much fun experimenting with various color schemes and accent visuals to set the precedence for the rest of the website interface.

These were created at the very beginning of the project scope while the logo design and brand itself was still being flushed out. Always interesting to see where things evolved from. 

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