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Art Direction . Rebranding / Logo Design 

Environmental Signage . Packaging Design . UI . UX 

Holding a plethora of degrees in ecology, teaching, pharmacology and biochemistry from the likes of Harvard, Georgetown and MIT it is safe to say Bridget Malloy is an expert in all things science. Though her resume is rather intimidating, her personality is quite the opposite. Bridget and her company carry a very fun, vibrant energy which needed to be reflected across the look and messaging of her company. The scope of work completed for “Bridget’s Botanicals” encompasses a rebrand, trade-show banner, website and package design for her extensive line of products.

First came the rebranding process. There were several components Bridget wanted to carry over from the previous logo design such as the typography and the visual representation of "flora". She also made it clear that she heavily favored the use of turquoise as well. As with most clients we provided 3 directions in a range of styles. She ultimately favored the “minimal” direction (middle) for its simplicity and contemporary feel.


At first we were planning on building out two separate websites for Bridget's Botanicals. The first being an e-commerce site to sell her line of products and the second geared around the educational aspect with classes and retreats. The decision to align the two into one robust site did not take long. 

After an ample amount of time spent looking at competitor's within the holistic, natural health industry it was clear that simplicity and open space were the trend to emulate. Bridget had a bit more of a vibrant vision for the UI design with heavy emphasis in color and "pop". It was somewhat of a process finding the symbiosis but ultimately I feel that we achieved it. 


Once the website was built out and we began populating the products within the "shop" pages the need for new product labels was something that could no longer be overlooked. The previous versions were essentially white with a dull green logo and black text which clearly clashed with the site and brand. 


The product line consisted of about 45 individual products, within 7 different categories i.e Energy, Relaxation, Women's Health, 10 different product types i.e. salves, tinctures, balms, on 6 different types of bottle or containers. Deciphering how to visually distinguish the various categories and types was quite the undertaking. I felt like I was truly delving into Bridget's world of scientific formula in doing so. In the end, mission accomplished by the use of various colors for the categories and patterns for the product types. Here are just a few...

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