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Art Direction . Branding / Logo Design . UI . UX 

Green Peak Partners specializes in providing guidance to Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms in order to accelerate the growth of their business to hire the right candidates and optimize return on investments. Some of their clients include JetBlue, Restoration Hardware, TA Associates and the New York Times to name a few. 

Our relationship began with carrying out a separate campaign for Green Peak’s CEO and founder JP Flaum when he wanted to go off on his own. It was safe to say he and his colleagues were impressed enough to have us circle back and provide our expertise once more for Green Peak Partners by designing this 10-page brochure intended as the primary piece of collateral for prospective clientele. 


Green Peak wanted a more modern, graphically driven piece than their previous version while adhering to the branding standards that were already established. I created custom infographics and charts to represent impactful statistics to really resonate with the viewer more impulsively than just text alone. The overall design of this piece hinges on these visual representations of noteworthy metrics along with isolated testimonials from high profile clients to really reinforce Green Peak's credibility


Revamping the website was something they wanted to do for quite some time and when SoCap finally got the call we were all in. The previous site was quite “sterile” lacking the personality that sets Green Peak apart from others in the industry. The new website was primarily geared towards the recruitment side while still providing enough technical information for potential clients to digest. Designing the user interface was a delicate formula of balancing that personable, energetic feel with a professional, corporate look. The finished product needed to be as dynamic as the company itself.

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