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Branding / Logo Design . UI . UX

After years of being spread thin and depleted by the corporate grind, Jo and Kate decided that a re-set was desperately needed. This re-set entails shedding essentially all of their material possessions and embarking on a trip down the Pan-American Highway in a converted van while documenting every moment. The intent is to strip away all of the peripheral chatter of the modern world and re-connect with the fundamental things that make life worth living. 

The first phase of the scope was to create the identity that would hoist the subsequent creative and overall brand as Project Vanish continued to develop and evolve. With the nature of it being very etherial, intangible and driven by emotional interpretation, I felt that it was important to avoid getting tied to any literal subject matter. The brand needed to encompass movement, spirit, community, and the emphasis of experiences over material while rendered in a natural, whimsical, free-flowing, somewhat reliquary/archaic way. While we ultimately went with the abstract 'V' letter mark with the mirage, distorted effect, below you can see an alternate option that cues off of the vanishing point over the horizon concept, pulling inspiration from hieroglyphics


Project Vanish is more than anything, an idea, but this idea needed a vehicle to convey it's vision in the right light. The platform would also act as the vehicle to engage with the community being cultivated. This marriage of form and function would take shape via the website.

We knew we wanted to tell a narrative as with any journey, there is a story to be told. The initial landing page really leans into this by highlighting the three pillars of Project Vanish, "LET GO", "HEAL" and  "CONNECT" in a horizontally scrolling, linear sense as shown below representing both a timeline and a route. It was important that this first impression of the site really pulled the viewer in and prompted them to go on a little journey for 20-30 minutes, or more.


It was certainly important to continue to elaborate on just what Project Vanish is, across the entirety of the site through visuals and alliteration. There was also a gamut of more technical aspects that needed to be taken into account to support the infrastructure of the actual platform - the function.


As this 'thing' evolves we would need to allow for the implementation of a communal discussion boards, a continuously updated media library and a custom plug-in that would allow members to follow and engage with Jo and Kate as they progress on the trip in real time. 

Have a look and follow along!

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